© Copyright Anglo-Continental-Expansion                            Why do we differ from other x-border services Expanding X-Borders does not have to be complex or costly. Here our proposal for a 1st  or a 1-off consultancy at a fixed fee of € 495 : (plus travel fees)  + A brief feasibility research for the UK (for Continental countries we handle another tariff) + A personal 2 hr consultancy about market opportunities and financial issues      35 years of experience and know-how in building,    expanding, improving or repairing foreign    business relations.           A comprehensive service, from the start up to a     stable, successful and long term foreign     business relation.               Speaking languages and the understanding of     foreign cultures are the basis for a successful     to expand to a new market.           We do things that you can’t find on the internet and       only can be done on location; we do these road      works for you. The valuable and complete Pan-UK/European  expansion service for Small and Medium size Companies Impressum: Published by ACE (AngloContinentalExpansion) Ltd Country of Origin: United Kingdom  Company No. 04602812